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Papers list by Carlos San Juan Mesonada

Lista de publicaciones de Carlos San Juan Mesonada

Thursday 6 July 2023, by Carlos San Juan


1.1. Papers in international journals

1.2 Papers in scientific reviews with external evaluation

Ball, V. E., Erickson, K., San Juan Mesonada, C. and Sheng, Y. (2022). Technology Catch-Up in Agriculture among Advanced Economies. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. (Open Access Journal. doi: 10.1111/1467-8489.12494

Sheng, Y., Ball, V. E., Erickson, K. and San Juan Mesonada, C. (2022). Cross-country Agricultural TFP Convergence and Capital Deepening Evidence for Induced Investment from 17 OECD Countries. Journal of Productivity Analysis. (Open Access Journal. Accepted 7 September 2022. Published: 24 September 2022) doi: 10.1007/s11123-022-00646-z

San Juan Mesonada, C. & Armario Beni­tez, J. I. (2021). Land, water and energy: The crossing of governance. Journal of Arid Environments, 187, 104403. Also available at

San Juan Mesonada, C. & Sunyer Manteiga, C.(2019). “Rural depopulation and income convergence. Economia Agraria y Recursos Naturales, 19(2), 29-48. doi: https://doi.org/10.7201/earn.2019.02.02.

Values of gender equality and specialization: Differences between EU regions. Economi­a Agraria y Recursos Naturales. (2017) Vol. 17.1 pp. 59-78 with Quispe Salazar, E. ISSN: 1578-0732. e-ISSN: 2174-7350. doi: 10.7201/earn.2017.01.03

Comparisons of Capital Input in OECD Agriculture, 1973-2011. Review of Economics and Finance, 2016 (6). Ball, E.V., S., C. Cahill, R. Nehring, C. San Juan Mesonada, and Y. Sheng.

State Productivity Growth in Agriculture: Catching-Up and the Business Cycle. Ball, V. E., San-Juan-Mesonada, C., & Ulloa, C. A. (2014). State productivity growth in agriculture: catching-up and the business cycle. Journal of Productivity Analysis, 42(3), 327-338. doi: 10.1007/s11123-013-0352-0

Productivity and International Competitiveness in the European Union and the United States Agriculture Agricultural Economics, 2010 Nov., v. 41, no. 6 Blackwell Publishing Inc, p. 611-627. with V. E. Ball, J.-P. Butault and R. Mora ISSN 0169-5150

Capital as a Factor of Production in OECD Agriculture: Measurement and Data Applied Economics, May 40 (10), 1253-1277, 2008 with V. E. Ball, W. A. Lindamood, and R. Nehring. ISSN 0003-6846

An Empirical Assessment of the EU Agricultural Policy Base on Firm Level Data Journal of Statistics and Economics, (2007) 227 (3), pp. 273-294, with S. Sperlich y C. Murillo ISSN 0021-4027->http://baobab.uc3m.es/monet/monnet/spip.php?article653&var_mode=calcul]

Efficiency, subsidies and environmental adaptation of animal farming under CAP Agricultural Economics, (2007) 36 (1), pp. 49-65 with W. Kleinhans, S. Sperlich, y C. Murillo. ISSN 0169-5150

Measuring Real Capital Input in OECD Agriculture Canadian Journal of Agricultural Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics/Revue canadienne d’agroeconomie, (2004) 52 (November), pp. 351-370 with V. E. Ball y J-P. Butault ISSN: 00083976

Geographical Specialisation in Spanish Agriculture Before and After Integration in the European Union. Regional Science and Urban Economics, (2004) 34 (3), pp. 309-320 with R. Mora ISSN 0166-0462

1.1.1 Recent policy papers

Sheng, Y., Ball, V. E. and San Juan Mesonada, C. (2023) Capital Deepening, Technology Progress and Agricultural TFP Growth: Evidence from 17 OECD countries. OECD. Paris.

San Juan Mesonada, C. (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Fernandez Vilchez, L. (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Ball, E.V. (Maryland Univ.) and Yu Seng (Peking Univ.) (2023) The challenges of measuring the impact of policy reform on productivity and its implication for policymaking. OECD. Paris.

[Sacrist]an Lopez-Bravo, I. and San Juan Mesonada, C. 2022. Effects of policy mix on European regional convergence. EconPol Working Paper 73, January 2022.->https://www.econpol.eu/publications/working_papers]

San Juan Mesonada, C. and Sunyer Manteiga, C. 2021. European structural funds and resilient and recovery facility governance. EconPol Working Paper, No. 67.

San Juan Mesonada, C. and Sunyer Manteiga, C. 2020. European Structural and Investment Funds and Regional Convergence: The Impact of Public Deficit in Beta-Convergence. EconPol W. P., 47 (4). June 2020. EconPol

Ball, E.V. San Juan Mesonada, C. and Seng, Y. Sunyer Manteiga, C. 2019. Technology Catch-Up in Agriculture among Advanced Economies Peking University

Cross-Country Comparison of Agricultural TFP. A case study of 17 OECD Countries

Farmers Income Distribution and Subsidies: Product Discrimination in direct Payment Policies for Continental and Mediterranean Agriculture, en K. Poppe (eds.) Income issues in Farm Households and the Role of the FADN. LEI. The Hague. 2004. pp. 74-89 with R. Mora ISBN 90-5242-924-3

Product concentration and Farm Specialization in Spain after implementation of the CAP and its reform, en K. Poppe (ed.) New Roads for Farm Accounting and FADN, LEI. La Haya. 2004. pp. 105-121 with R. Mora. ISBN 90-5242-878-6

The representativeness of the Spanish RICA Survey, en K. Poppe, Povellato, A. and Krijgsman, K. (eds.), European Farmers and the Growing of Data. LEI. La Haya. 2003, pp. 115-141 with R. Mora y J. E. de la Torre (Reeditado en 2006 dentro de la serie I metodi RICA por el Instituto Nazionale di Economia Agraria y Regione del Veneto, 2006 pp.117-144) ISBN 90-5242-802-6

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La poblacion como condicionante de la oferta de trabajo, en S. Bentolila y L. Toharia Estudios de economi­a del trabajo en Espa*a, III: El problema del Paro. Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social. Madrid. 1991. pp. 309-354 ISBN 84-7434-659-2

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