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Value of production of agricultural products and foodstuffs, wines, aromatised wines and spirits protected by a geographical indication (GI)

European Commission Final report - October 2012

Wednesday 6 March 2013, by Carlos San Juan

The present study aimed to 1) update the database for the period 2009-2010; 2) expand and complete the database with data on the volume, value and trade of production for each wine, aromatised wine and spirit registered under GI for the period 2005-2010; 3) analyse the value premium received by products bearing a registered name, to assess the evolution of value, volume and trade of geographical indications during the period 2005-2010; and, finally, to compare the situation with standard products and between different GI products and sectors at EU and Member State levels. 1.2. Scope The data collection covered 2 768 GIs in the 27 Member States of the European Union in 2010. It referred to 4 regulations: o Reg. (EEC) No 1601/91: aromatised wines (4 GIs, 0.1% of the European GIs); o Reg. (EC) No 510/2006: agricultural products and foodstuffs (867 GIs, 31.3% of the European GIs); o Reg. (EC) No 1234/2007: wines (1 560 GIs, 56.4% of the European GIs); o Reg. (EC) No 110/2008: spirits (337 GIs, 12.2% of the European GIs). More than 80% of GIs were registered in 6 member states: Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Germany. The study took into account the sales at wholesale stage at regional level, transport and taxes excluded (ex-dairy stage; ex-slaughterhouse stage; ex-factory stage, exwinery stage…). In the wine and spirit sector, value was estimated on the base of a bottle price for the national market (estimated ex-area of production stage) and a price taking into account bulk and bottle sales on EU markets and extra EU markets, depending on trade statistics (COMEXT)

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