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Viernes 17 de diciembre de 2021, por Carlos San Juan


Final course grade: final exam grade 40% and continuous assessment grade 60%

- the final exam will consist of theory questions (60%) and exercises (40%)

Continuous assessment: 60% of the final grade for the course

- Theory controls (partial exam) and exercises 40%

- final work (optional in groups of maximum three students) 20%

- active participation in class (debates, questions, etc.) bonus of up to 5%

Class Participation and Ethical Integrity: Attendance and participation in class are required. Repeated absences (more than three), lack of involvement or inappropriate behaviour will prevent passing this subject. Plagiarism (on tests or assignments) or other forms of dishonest behaviour will mean failure on continuous evaluation.

UC3M students doing internships in a company or academic exchange (or similar situation) may choose, with prior authorization from their professor, for the 80-20 system: 80% exam grade plus 20% essay grade. The professor of the subject must previously authorize the subject of this essay. The midterm exam is scheduled to take place in weeks 10 or 11, depending on how the group’s dates and days of class fall.

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