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Instructions for written homework and research paper

Jueves 18 de febrero de 2010

Please follow the instructions in the document below when writing your essay.

[Please remember that you should upload your homework to Aula Global 2, not send it by Email, except if the professor requires to handout a hard copy.

1 Summary of a paper Assignment: summarize, in 2-3 pages (all included), the following paper:

Towards a Positive Euro Area Fiscal Stance Supporting public investments that increase economic growth

upload in Aula Global before deadline EEI-1. See Calendar of exam and presentations

Objective: To write an academic paper that is formally correct and complete. See the instructions at the end of this document for what an academic paper needs to include. Use direct quotes (verbatim, in quotation marks) and indirect quotes (paraphrased), indicating sources, to practice the correct use of sources.

2 Proposal for the final paper

Assignment: Write, in the working group, a proposal for the theme of the final research paper. hand in deadline EEI-2. See Calendar of exam and presentations

Objective: To define the theme of the final work and plan how to proceed. Include:

 (provisional) index & title of the for final paper

 group members and contact information (email)

 define the topic and the questions that will you will deal with in the final paper.

Why is it important and interesting? What will be your goal in this paper?  (provisional) outline for the paper

 What previous knowledge of this subject do you have (from economic theory, literature, news, etc..) that may be useful in writing the paper?

Dead line before October, 1st. except other indication of your professor in the practical group

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