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The state of the housing market in the euro area

by Niccolò Battistini, Julien Le Roux, Moreno Roma and John Vourdas. European Central Bank. ECB Economic Bulletin, Issue 7/2018

Thursday 15 November 2018, by Carlos San Juan

The housing market has important macroeconomic and macroprudential implications for the euro area economy. In view of the duration of the ongoing upturn in euro area house prices and residential investment, which started at the end of 2013, analysing the state of the housing market is particularly informative.

This article discusses the ongoing housing market upturn, from a chronological and fundamental perspective. It also explores a selected set of indicators that can potentially inform on the state of the housing market, elaborating on the demand and supply factors underpinning the current upturn, as well as their relative importance.

The state of the housing market in the euro area

Base de datos sobre sector inmobiliario

Una buena fuente de información con datos comerciales y residenciales es el BIS:

A good source of data (both commercial and residential) is the BIS databank (it has some metadata too)

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