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Summary of the European Commission’s response to Coronavirus

Commission, 2 April 2020. Brussels

Monday 6 April 2020, by Carlos San Juan

Abstract of the last EU Commission measures responding to COVID 19 economic induced crisis with links to last up-dates in the Commission web.


April 02, 2020 - deprived. All of these measures are based on the current EU budget and will squeeze out every available euro. They show the need for a strong and flexible long-term EU budget. The Commission will work to ensure that the EU can count on such a strong budget to get back on its feet and progress on the path to recovery. 02/04/2020 Link

March 26, 2020 - on coordinated risk management. Following their advice, the Commission has issued the first guidance on community measures and testing strategies. Research The European Commission selected for support 18 new projects focused on urgently needed research and innovation into the coronavirus. On 31 March the Commission added an Irish project called HG nCoV19 test coordinated by the Irish company Hibergene Link

April 02, 2020 - develop new control material for reliable Coronavirus-testing across the EU Scientists at the European Commission have designed a new control material that can be used to accurately assess the functioning of their coronavirus tests and to avoid false negatives. The control material samples are highly concentrated and only a very small quantity is required to check one test. Tribunal 31 March 2020Link

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