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Grading. Deadlines. Calendar of exams. Academic calendar.

Latest addition – Friday 13 November 2020.


How to write the course essay

Always upload the homework in Aula Global. Just in the case that your professor in the practical lesson asks you to do it, handout to your practical lesson professor in the reduce group.

Do not send any homework to the professor in charge of the theoretical lessons by email.

The deadlines always should appear in Aula Global for the following task and should be announced on the previous practical lesson by your professor during the small practical class [grupo reducido].

The following dates are only an orientation; please check on Aula global the effective deadlines of each task. Keep in mind that calendar effects may drive to different deadlines for each practical class.

07/10/20** (Subject: EEI-1)

(Subject: (EEI-1) Fighting the COVID-19 Crisis: Debt Monetisation and EU Recovery Bonds (assignment abstract this paper and upload to Aula Global homework).

14/10/20** (Subject: (EEI-2) Proposal of the final essay: Title and provisional index of the course final essay. Interim references

1/11/20** (Subject: (EEI-3) Paper of the final essay (10 pages + appendix of charts, graphs, references, a total maximum of 20 pages including all appendixes if you are in the 80-20 grading system.)

All the homework should be upload in Aula Global:

The final essay should be presented individually.

Please before start writing your papers read the instructions carefully for written homework and research paper -

The detailed calendar of the practical sessions is in Aula Global, in the Section Exercises you find the practical asignement

If you read the grading information of the Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas carefully, you may notice that if op out the continuous evaluation in de "examen ordinario" (December or January) your grade in the exam should be 60% of the final COURSE grade (so you need a minimum of 8 over 10 to qualify). If you fail, you may retake your final exam in June But in the "examen extraordinario" (the retake exam of June) you need 5 points over 10 to qualify.


Extension. Maximum 10 pages for the body of the essay (unless you have been allowed to follow the 80-20 system, in which case the body’s essay shall be 20 pages). There will be voluntary oral presentations of the essays at the end of both theoretical and practical classes from 1 November 2023. Each presentation will last up to 10 minutes, and it will be followed by a 5-minute peer-review from another group of students and from the teacher. Grades can differ between the authors of the same essay (based, for example, in the oral presentation).


- Regular exam date: You may consult the three examination sittings:

"1st Semester": regular sitting for the first semester (January exams)

"2nd semester": regular sitting for the second semester (May exams)

Retake exam "Extraordinario": extraordinary sitting (June)

Exams dates official calendar-


Aditional material, readings

Euro-Area Debt Crisis: Debate lectures

The policy response to financial crisis

Environmental policy in the EU

Academic calendar

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