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Comparison of the Governmental Actions Undertaken in Response of the Financial Crisis in Europe

E. Porten, F. Peters, M. Messelken, M. von Meien

Miércoles 8 de septiembre de 2010, por Carlos San Juan

The year 2009 will always be remembered as the worst economic downtown since the second world war. Every day, the news inform about new insights and scope about the financial crisis. Nearly every country and every business sector is affected. The first shocks came unexpectedly and slowly. The real estate market in the US showed huge price overestimations. Bad debts, which were given out by banks even worsen the situation. Nowadays, the consequences of the financial crisis even express their effects in the real economy.

Table of content

Introduction 1 The Financial Crisis in Europe 1.1 Consequences for the European economy 1.2 European plans to combat the effects of the financial crisis 1.3 European Reactions on the financial crisis 2 The Financial Crisis in Germany 2.1 Germany and Europe 2.2 Germany’s Economy 2.3 Devolution of the crisis in Germany 2.4 Governmental actions to weaken the effects of the crisis 2.5 Outlook 3 The Financial Crisis in the United Kingdom 3.1 Governmental actions 3.2 Outlook 4 The Financial Crisis in Switzerland 4.1 The Swiss Economy 4.2 Current Situation and Problems 4.3 Counter Actions and Results 5 Comparison of the actions undertaken in the different countries 6 Conclusion 7 References

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